Your CareCorral – A Metropolis of Social Healing among Your Loved Ones

It’s common that furry and feathered friends are every bit part of the family as everyone else. REVH proudly offers CareCorrals to our entire community through our partnership with PrizedPals.

Your CareCorral is quick and easy for you to create, for keeping your community close in times of heightened anxiety – as a network of support and love. Your CareCorral is a secure, invitation-only web/mobile micro-community of your loved ones, surrounding your pet. After all…pets heal, age, live, die and grieve a lot like people. They have relationships worth nurturing, lives worth celebrating and stories worth re-living.

A CareCorral makes it easy to share and engage among loved ones in a clear and instant manner – without the confusion of delays that occur when news is filtered through the grapevine and without needing mass emails that so commonly grow cumbersome. Your circle is able to respond with supportive messages and to engage at each member’s own pace – as it is comfortable and convenient for them.

Your CareCorral includes components that help families focus time and energy on their pet, loved ones, and in supporting each other – removing emotional barriers and simplifying group connectivity. Likewise, making it easy to coordinate both requests and offers – allowing friends and family to sign-up as they like, and without putting loved ones on-the-spot.

After a simple sign-up process, families can quickly and easily create their own private, personalized CareCorral and invite others to join – only those you invite can participate. Benefits and features of your CareCorral:

* Private blog organizes healing, light-hearted or humorous interactions among loved ones near and far.

* Help interactive calendar makes it easy to engage support, energy, love and resources from among loved ones.

* Social Storytelling is an interactive approach to celebrating warm memories in loved ones actual voices and photos.

* Photo sharing is a fun, moving way to share and trigger warm memories and revive wonderful experiences.

* Bilingual among English and Spanish and mobile friendly devices.