Mackie, a sweet Boston Terrier, was treated at REVH in 2010. Unfortunately, he left us far too soon, and is terribly missed by his entire family.

The Mackie Fund was established via a generous donation from Mackie’s owners, who wanted to help other animals who needed it. Money donated to the Mackie Fund is used to help treat injured stray or homeless animals that otherwise might not be able to receive appropriate care. Once these animals are well, we find them loving adoptive homes.

We are so grateful to Mackie’s owners for their thoughtful donations (in addition to the blankets and towels they also donate regularly)! We are certain that the homeless animals we have treated (like Axle, the kitten who was found trapped in the wheel well of a car) also appreciate the second chance they received because of the Mackie Fund.

We always welcome donations to the Mackie Fund. If you would like to donate, please send a check made out to Rockingham Emergency Veterinary Hospital to the hospital address. We do not have the ability to take online donations at this time, but that will be coming soon.