Jennifer Noll was undeniably one of the kindest, sweetest people we have ever known. Her unwavering love for her patients and her coworkers shined through like her love for the sun, the warmth and the beach. 

She went above and beyond and often paid for patients' treatments when their owners had financial concerns.

No animal passed on without a kiss from her to send it on its way with love. She recently rescued a baby bird and a groundhog which she got up to feed every two hours.

Jen was always trying to fatten up the staff, bringing in bags of candy and treats yet she never seemed to gain a pound. Her shopping obsession with Amazon often resulted in little gifts appearing for the staff.

She was not just a colleague but a treasured friend. Many of us had the pleasure of drinking wine and laughing with her outside of work. Before moving to Exeter Jen could be found on the deck of her Grantham home, drinking wine overlooking 100 acres blooming with flowers. Jen said it was her favorite place in the world.

She was an amazing person and she will be missed by everyone lucky enough to have known her. Losing Jennifer has been a devastating tragedy to our veterinary family. She will forever be a part of our hearts and we will make sure her memory lives on.