We had a horrible experience at our usual vet during our dogs spay. I have brought her here twice since then due to complications and I have never been so impressed! They are truly compassionate and go through all the details and answer any questions this crazy dog mom may have. I wish they had regular clients because they have just been so wonderful and accommodating! We just moved to the area and knowing we have a reliable, compassionate emergency vet nearby eases my heart and mind. Highly highly recommend using them for any emergency!
Melissa DuBuque Avatar
Melissa DuBuque
I called today because our bird was very ill. They immediately took my information and greeted me as soon as I arrived. All of the staff I dealt with were very compassionate. The veterinarian I spoke with was very kind and informative. I hope to never have an emergency with any of my pets but if I do I will certainly return.
Michele Manchester Avatar
Michele Manchester
Today I called Rockingham Vet for my 10-month-old chicken, Gertrude, to be euthanized due to impacted crop. Angela, who answered the phone, was so kind and compassionate. She explained to me the process and was able to give me a quote within 5 minutes for the euthanasia. Unfortunately, Gertie died in the parking lot. Although she was just a chicken, Rockingham Vet maintained professionalism and provided compassionate care.Angela offered her condolences and offered to have a staff member confirm the death. The vet assistant (Tamara, possibly? I only saw the last bit of her name tag that ended in "ara") greeted me at the door and took Gertie to be pronounced. They provided me with an imprint of her talon. 10/10 would go there again.I have also called them once or twice before for my dog who has seizures every couple of months. The have given me guidance on "watchful waiting" and when to bring him in for treatment.10/10 would recommend! Thank you so much for providing excellent care to our furry and feathery friends.
Julia Lally Avatar
Julia Lally
I am so grateful for this place. I had a terrible experience with our previous vet and rockingham got us in within an hour of me calling! They were so compassionate and so understanding of my situation. We left with a much happier guinea pig and some medicine to hopefully get her recovered. I plan to use rockingham in the future for any emergency needs.
Samantha Philibert Avatar
Samantha Philibert
I brought my 4 y/o lab in with a swollen ear. The staff was extremely responsive and took him right away. Dr. Vollinsky and his staff were always upfront about price throughout the visit. What I appreciated most was that, not only was Dr. Vollinsky clear and concise, but he chose a level of care that was appropriate for the situation but allowed me to chose which avenue I wanted to pursue. The negative reviews here consistently mention the high price, but it is important to remember that this is an Emergency Vet; and just like a visit to the a human emergency room is more expensive than seeing you primary care physician, the prices for an emergency veterinary visit will also be higher than a typical vet visit.I was very happy with the quality of care we received.
Kristen Letourneau Avatar
Kristen Letourneau
Thank you so much for your wonderful care of my chihuahua, Looch, recently. I was terrified because he was so sick and kept falling down. The staff and docs were so kind. Dr. Franson listened intently to my concerns and symptom description. He helped Looch get better quickly and me to understand what was going on. I am so thankful this team is available 24/7 to care for our pets. Thank you again!!
Maureen Heard Avatar
Maureen Heard
I brought my dog in for a laceration on his paw. I was expecting a wait as all vets are super busy, but I was pleasantly surprised with quick service. The techs were super quick and friendly getting all of my information and quickly met me at the front door. Dr.Franson called me to discuss staples and answered all my questions in an informative and reassuring manner. The emergency fee was also very reasonable. I had a wonderful experience and will use them again!
Katreina Greenaway Avatar
Katreina Greenaway
Dr Jay Volinski stabilized and repaired my pups lacerated ankle (barbed-wire trail incident) excellently. Perfect fix, no blood or trouble. He and I, five years later, hike almost daily. Thanks!
Arthur Dove Avatar
Arthur Dove
I've never owned a dog and then my rescue pup got sick. I was panicking. My primary care vet didn't even answer the phone. They got me in right away; took great care of my little guy, and managed to make me laugh as I waited anxiously. Dr. Patti is awesome! This place is awesome, I wish my pup could be seen here regularly.
Mavis Ajede Avatar
Mavis Ajede
Great place for urgent pet care! Took my husky here twice in 2 weeks, and called several times for advice. Every encounter was exceptional. Friendly, informative, and patient with my questions. Needed sutures for my dog’s foot. They gave me options first based on healing on time and I opted for the stitches. I followed up 2 weeks later and they asked for photos to make sure she was healing well. She got an unrelated bacterial infection and again the service was amazing. Very happy pet owner!
Breanna Gunderman Avatar
Breanna Gunderman
Brought my chihuahua in for a skin wound and they were fantastic . The staff was polite on the phone and in person . They were very kind to my dog and the prices weren’t much higher than my regular vet ! My dog seemed comfortable with them even though she is terrified of the vet . I will definitely use them again if an emergency arises!
Kathleen Chiungos Avatar
Kathleen Chiungos
This review is long overdue, but my wife and I wanted to compliment this team on their outstanding job when we brought our newest addition Whisky in for a swollen jaw. We called prior to arriving with a history and by the time of arrival they were able to take her right in for Dr. Orlowski to evaluate. The staff there are so kind, especially with what is happening in the world.Having to adapt to new protocols they were able to remain professional and efficient. Thank you so much to the REVH staff for taking care of our girl!
E Bennett Avatar
E Bennett
Yesterday was very scary when my cockatiel's health took a surprising turn. Oliver slept well last night and today he has been eating and drinking normally and his droppings look normal. I've followed up with Oliver's regular vet to continue to try and figure out what is going on, but I wanted to thank you for seeing us on short notice and doing everything that you did. I missed the name of the person who worked with us but special thanks for the bedside manner dealing with a couple low key frantic guys and a bird with more energy than a power plant. 🙂
George Scobie Avatar
George Scobie
I will not lie, calling Rockingham Emergency was not what I had planned. I had been between Vets and Vecc (which I love) but they must have been really busy when I tried to call and cpuld the get a hold of them. I called Rockingham and even though I've never taken any of my babies there, the Nurse I spoke to (im sorry I can't remember your name), spoke to me for almost 15 minutes and was so great. Thank you so much!
Danielle Petroni Avatar
Danielle Petroni
We recently had to bring our beloved kitty Belle to Rockingham. She was suffering from acute respiratory failure. We almost lost her. The entire staff was nothing short of amazing. Belle was seen quickly, her care was kind and competent, and they quite literally saved her life.We couldn't be more grateful and appreciative. Belle is home, and doing well. How anyone could say anything less than positive about Rockingham is beyond me.
David A. Grant Avatar
David A. Grant
I had to bring my two guinea pigs in today, It’s so scary when critter emergencies happen!! Finding an emergency veterinarian on the weekend during a pandemic is difficult to say the least. They were so compassionate and professional and helped my piggies in no time. This was a first for me so I really appreciate their hard work and big hearts!
Makayla Austin Avatar
Makayla Austin
Rockingham Emergency Vet took such great care of my pup during a scary time. Everyone from the front desk to the veterinarian was friendly and made the difficult time easier! Care was quick! We were home within a few hours. I highly recommend if you ever find your furry friend needing emergent care.
Sarah Massung Avatar
Sarah Massung
Just had to put my 10 year old German Shepherd down. The staff was caring and professional during a very difficult time. I highly recommend.
laura McAlevy Avatar
laura McAlevy
A few months back I had to take my dear rat Jesse here to be euthanized because he was no longer able to live a comfortable life with his tumor. The staff were very kind and professional and allowed me to hold him until his last breath. They even gave me a clay with his paw prints on it.
Mideya Lino Avatar
Mideya Lino
REVH was so wonderful to us when we had to bring our dog in. They were so patient with all of my questions, and calls. They took amazing care of our Max - and gave us clear expectations as well as several options for treatment when applicable. Everyone was always on the same page, and clearly well organized. Max saw 4 different doctors, and ever single one had a great idea of Max's case.
Melissa Cameron Avatar
Melissa Cameron
I needed a vet for an emergency situationMy usual was closed due to COVID and any other I spoke to would not take us or could not provide avian care. Rockingham took us in no problem. Unfortunately the outcome wasn’t good but everyone there were so kind. I would highly recommend them with out hesitation. The doctor I dealt with (I’m sorry I can’t recall his name, I was emotional) was such a very kind man and never made me feel he was superior for being a doctor. Extremely compassionate
Keanu Cockatoo Avatar
Keanu Cockatoo
The staff here is going above and beyond given all the stress they are under and people's unrealistic expectations. Thank you for having such care and compassion.
Amanda Burris Avatar
Amanda Burris
Fantastic and caring crew. They took excellent care of my old basset Comet. His regular vet couldn't fit him in and REVH took good care of him. So friendly and helpful in these COVID times
Gary Poland Avatar
Gary Poland
Amazingly compassionate and kind veterinary team! Can't recommend them enough.
Heather DiGiacomo Avatar
Heather DiGiacomo
Thank you REVH for being there for us during these challenging times! I highly recommend this skilled team to care for your pets.
Joshua Morris Avatar
Joshua Morris
I went here for urgent care of my elderly hamster. Dr. Volinski was extremely detailed in speaking to me after the examination and going over my options. He also discovered something I hadn't noticed. He said he wouldn't know for sure what the problem was without x-rays, which I declined for cost, but he was able to provide 3 prescriptions that he said would likely work based on what the illness(es) might be: 2 antibiotics and one pain killer. The two other staff members I interacted with there were also very professional, and the staff was also able to answer some questions I had about the treatment when I called a couple days later. After 10 days my hamster seems to have totally recovered. She had been falling asleep a lot more frequently just anywhere in her cage and moving much more slowly, which I thought was due to old age, but now she's acting like she did a couple of months ago, very alert and lively when awake. I'm really grateful for the care she received.
Amy Green Avatar
Amy Green
My 5 year old Min Pin damaged his dewclaw over the weekend. It was causing him much pain. Our regular Main St Vet were booked. I called Rockingham, woman who answered told me to bring him right down. When I arrived, I called to let them know, as they are presently doing curbside service. Within 30 minutes, I was called, and told to bring Fred to front door. I even forgot his harness, leash, and had to carry him. Staff were very understanding about this. With being busy and current COVID pandemic, all staff and doctor still remained professional and patient. I waited in my car and doctor called within 10 minutes to diagnose. She explained entire process and best options for Fred to avoid feeling any pain. Fred was sedated and entire nail was cut back to the bed. It took about an approximately 1.5 hours and little over $400. But, considering it's an emergency hospital, it was worth the wait and money. Just remember, you get what you pay for. They carried Fred back out to front door, explained discharge instructions, and provided pain & antibiotic for next 7 days. I was hesitant reading all previous reviews about this place. But, I'm so happy I chose to experience them for myself. Thank you doctor and all staff who assisted in providing the best care to my boy. Stay safe!
Maria Quattrocchi Avatar
Maria Quattrocchi
They saved my cat's life! Was very responsive and understood all my concerns. Kept me informed every step of the way. I am forever grateful and will always recommend them. Thank you all again.
Rachel Gagnon Avatar
Rachel Gagnon
A sick kitty is no fun...My regular vet was unable to see us in a timely fashion, so I visited Rockingham Emergency Vet Hospital. Given an unfortunate situation, the staff's demeanor here made a positive difference. We also came here during COVID-19, so procedures were different-waiting in the parking lot, communicating via phone with staff, etc. I was pleased with the honestly of the staff before I decided to go; I was provided with upfront wait time, which turned out to be accurate, and also given an idea of basic cost and how to handle things once we arrived.Once my kitty was inside, I was kept informed in a timely manner of how things were going and the next suggested step. The doctor was compassionate, kind, and answered all of my questions. Nursing staff were thorough and kind as well. I was there a long time due to what had to be done; on numerous occasions the doctors and nurses acknowledged this and thanked me. I have to say things moved quickly once she was in.I'd recommend this vet hospital to anyone!
Teresa Morgan Avatar
Teresa Morgan
The Rockingham Veterinarian hospital is an excellent place to send you pet for whatever care they require.Their staff goes above and beyond working late nights and long days. My dog was under their care for over 48 hours and they treated her with the utmost respect and compassion. Their facilities are clean and well operated, and their cats are very friendly!Thank you guys for giving my dog excellent care. I would recommend them to any pet owner in the Southern NH area.
Ryan Walters Avatar
Ryan Walters
The care and compassion shown by Rockingham Emerg Vet Hospital made saying goodbye to our Annie a somewhat easier experience. Sam's compassion and caring ways made our transition to the rainbow bridge better that I thought it could be. Although we still have a hole in our heart, REVH was very attentive to our needs and we will forever be grateful we came to you. Thank you Sam 🙂
Cathy Sunshine Avatar
Cathy Sunshine